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Oct 21, 2012 1:15am EDT
founders of the canada party. we wrote a book. i will go a quick introduction. we're here from vancouver and brian is a candidate to give the system speech. will read some chapters in may due q&a then you can make noise and by us beers. [laughter] we are from vancouver. we started to realize b-1 to to get into political humor with short films in comedy and journalism but we do have television and canada. so we were watching the conventions but over the past two years everyone announcing the candidacy for the presidency of the united states we have seen york can it is and frankly they scare the shipped out of us. so we were running candidate to be the president. not brian, the canadian government but the people we love our big brother. we are here to help. we did a campaign video in january. it went by role. with media tv it -- to be around the world so we took off with another couple of videos three weeks later we had a deal and this is what we wrote. "america, but better" the canada party manifesto" your continental bff. that is us. the beautiful face of canadair representing 33 million
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 1:00am PDT
kadir, 26-year-old guantanamo bay, but not in guantanamo bay, he's in canada. >> he's from canada. >> bill: montreal canadians sign him? what is he doing there? >> he was a gitmo for ten years after he admitted to killing one of our sergeant first class in afghanistan. he then was -- after ten years in gitmo, he was given an eight-year sentence to be started now, okay? so it's not as if he can say i've been there ten years. so he's got the ten-year, plus almost eight years in canada. because he did this as a child, he was 15 at the time, we don't know how canada will treat this. >> bill: so they extradited him from guantanamo bay to canada, canadian citizen. now his father is dead because his father got killed because his father was a terrorist j right. >> bill: this kid is hard core kid. he threw this grenade at the u.s. soldier. what people in canada are worried about is that this guy is now there in prison in canada, civilian prison. they may let him out next year after one year. >> that's the were on. it's yen win concern because -- genuine concern because he's transferred fro
Oct 26, 2012 6:00am PDT
, canada is fairly advanced in this field. he said canada has 15 medical facilities which specialize in treatment of adult patients who have overcome congenital disorders. but he says that even in canada, fewer than half of such patients actually take the time to see doctors at these facilities, probably because most people consider themselves cured after a successful operation and think they no longer need medical treatment. it's important in any country to raise awareness among people with congenital disorders and their families. they must know that they should continue to undergo medical observation even if they've had a successful surgery as children. >> nhk world's takafumi terui. >>> a hurricane is forcing its way past the bahamas and moving north. meteorologist robert speta is here with the details. robert? >>> well, yes, we are still watching sandy here, and it's continuing to cruise off here towards the north. much of the caribbean, you did get impacted on your thursday, now going through friday. conditions are improving, still some showers across portions of haiti, but for
Oct 15, 2012 7:00pm PDT
from 19 nations including the united states, canada and australia. three are from china and south kor korea. the college's vice principal says oceans are public property and should be accessible to any nation. >> i strongly believe that face-to-face meeting like this program will promote mutual understanding on the confidence of individuals. >> participants at the ten-day meeting plan to discuss disaster rescue operation, humanitarian assistance and working together for maritime safety. >>> more japanese companies basiced by the march 11th disaster of last year are taking part in one of biggest trade shows in china. they are pinning their hopes on the market. >> reporter: the latest installment of the china import on export fair opened in southern province of guangzhou on monday. about 20,000 domestic and foreign are participating in the event which runs until november 4th. japanese companies are showing their products. some are from areas devastate bid the tsunami. makers have set up exhibition booth. this is almost double the number that took part last autumn. representatives from j
Oct 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
. >>> they served time in canton mow bay -- began tan mow bay and now he is back home in canada. also a -- shall beganton mow bay -- began tan mow bay. wççÑçÑ >>> it's 10 minutes until 5 and we are check news around world. and a convicted terrorist and former guantanamo bay prisoner is in canada. during the weekend the 26-year- old was transferred from the u.s. military prison to a maximum security facility in ontario where he will completehis sentence. in 2010 he pleaded guilty to killing a u.s. soldier in afghanistan and spent two years at guantanamo bay and was eligible to return to canada last october. he was the youngest detainee and is eligible for parole in canada coming up next year. >>> dozens of people are hurt and more than 100,000 are without power after a typhoon slammed through the japanese island. heavy rains and wind gusts paralyzed track for hours. train service and domestic flights were suspended. the storm is expected to dump 20 inches of rain on central japan by the end of the day today. >>> and torrential downpours now causing serious flooding for parts of the great bri
Oct 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
this report. >> resources nationalism a term typically applied to emerging countries, but after canada blocked the pat troe mass acquisition, many are opening how canada is to foreign investment. also claims to the deal won't bring net benefits to the country. supporters say that the government has been short on the precise reasons as to why they have blocked this deal and they have been short on transparent city. what we know is petro bass has 30 days in which to adjust the terms before a final decision is made. speaking to us here the energy minister was very pragmatic and there were alternative investments that malaysia could pursue. >> if we have an opportunity to i in-vest in canada, of course we will be happy. on the other hand, if canada finds that such investment is not welcome, then we will go to other countries. >> at $5.2 billion, this isn't a blockbuster deal. but if the progress does fall over, it could spell trouble for the $15.1 billion acquisition of maximenergy. the other is the broaden asian angle. canada cannot afford to ignore asia and the massive demand. >> public opinion
Oct 28, 2012 1:00am PDT
by an earthquake off the western coast of canada that had a magnitude 7.7. they've only had about an hour to prepare to get people to higher ground. let's check in with karen mcginnis, more about what hawaii can expect as far as this wave and the size of this wave, karen. >> yes, they are anticipating between one and two meter rise of the water. now, initially that water may move back a little bit. you think, well, we're done with it. not the case. many people in hawaii are very familiar with what happens right before the onset of a tsunami. and that initial wave may not be the biggest. so coming up in less than 28 minutes, we're expecting that first wave to move onshore. just wanted to give you a little primer. well, natalie, back to you for some more information. >> okay, we'll check back in with you. we have someone on the phone we want to talk with, one of our cnn personnel, augie martin happens to be on vacation in hawaii. how's your vacation going tonight? >> well, it's great, apart from the arhythmic blaring of the tsunami sirens you wouldn't think anything is out of the ordinary.
Oct 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
into the americas then. lots of snow in canada. this low pressure system moving across eastern canada is spreading rain and snow in ontario and northern quebec. and rain showers in the great lakes. the symptom will travel towards the east. and will start to effect new england and the east end of canada on wednesday. and back behind it there's another storm moving through alberta bringing snow and rain. the system will head towards the east and will start to effect minnesota, north dakota, and manitoba. manitoba may see 15 centimeters of snow. a small low, it is tracking through southern california bringing in some rain showers. sierra nevada may see intense snow showers from late wednesday. and dry across the eastern half. eastern third of the u.s. conditions are ideal for overnight cooling. that could create freezing conditions. that could increase frost conditions. also that could kill sensitive plants if left outdoors. all right. temperatures are looking like this. cooling down to 11 degrees in chicago. despite the sunshine. 12 degrees in toronto. out west only 6 degrees expected in winnipeg wi
Oct 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
have been arrested. >>> in canada fireballs rose from a warehouse housing highly explosive racing car fuel. scores of home had to be evacuated. no injuries and so far no word on what caused the fire. >>> the white house is lit up in pink to mark ok as breast cancer awareness month. new york's empire state building is also bathed in pink light. even buckingham palace in london has gone pink to support the campaign. >>> here san early look on how wall street will kick off the day. the dow closed at 13,515 after adding 77 points yesterday. the s&p was up three, but the nasdaq lost two. taking a look overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei fell ten points while in hong kong the hang seng was closed again for a holiday. >>> well, stocks ended mostly in the black monday thanks to a glimmer of economic optimism. news that manufacturing growth broke a four-month roadblock sparked an upbeat mood on the street. fed chief ben bernanke renewed the central bank's pledge to keep record low interest rates to spur the economy even after if regains momentum. >>> analysts say winter holiday
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
becoming quite close to eastern canada before taking off towards europe probably as a remnant low. we're still seeing a lot of rain from the system. one more system to talk about. this is hurricane paul. yesterday a tropical storm. today a categorthree hurricane ading towar the california baja peninsula. we have a pretty storm system. this will keep things wet for western canada. you can see 50 sent mecentimete snow. anher system will be bringing storms through canada. temperatures are looking like this. very warm in the southwest. no problems with snow there. >> that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us. are you totally unprepared? just about all of us have something hangen on our walls, pictures, paintings, art work clocks, all can come crashing down and create broken glass. inexpensive picture hook can secure pictures to the wall and help keep you and your family safe. for more information on earthquake preparedness, captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: the presidential candidates stayed mostly out of public view to prepare for tomo
Oct 17, 2012 4:00pm PDT
-- air canada pilot and the passengers that saved the day. cambodians are paying their respects to the country's former king that died on monday. the body arrived home today. jonathan has this report. >> saying goodbye to a man his extraordinary life mirrored the history of this country. at times, they were lining up to pray in a man that they all called the king father. i feel so emotional. it was the father of our independence and the king throughout my life. they clutch flowers and portraits. to some, the sense of loss was too much. cambodians in particular, it symbolizes a lost era of innocence. they started lining the streets have watched their can take his final journey. >> most of the younger people that have come here have actually seen very little of a man that spent most of the last few decades out of the country who last held any real power half a century ago, but he has been one of the very few constants in a country that has endured many changes. that is why many have come out for a final farewell. >> after hours of waiting, the gilded coffin finally swept past on i
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
pennsylvania and drifting toward canada. strong high pressure over the north atlantic -- over the north atlantic blocked it and turned it inland. there is not much room for it to move around. it will get up into eastern canada and began to weaken in intensity. the rain is starting to slowly break up and fall apart as the storm gets a little weaker and drift farther to the north. still broad circulation is generating slow up and down the appellation for west virginia. showers will continue to work their way through here. there is still a blizzard warning it was reissued out in garrett county. temperatures near or below freezing in many areas. a heavy, wet snow is problematic. hagerstown at 36 degrees. it is possible some of our rain showers could mix with some wet snowflakes. 35-41 by morning with like southerly winds. the storm slowly macon's way up to the great lakes and getting up into canada. still some snow likely in the highest elevations of west virginia and western maryland. east of the mountains will get less of the jig less precipitation and hopefully things will quiet down bef
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
here to wawards hudson bay and back up into canada. that is one of the biggest troughs i have seen in some time. what that means is we've got very cold air coming down from canada. we've got very warm air coming outs of the tropics. look at the high temperatures today. montreal, canada at 70 degrees. washington at 46 degrees. out there right now, we're current lif sitting at 42. it is a very chilly evening because we're on the backside of that storm, you can see the snow back here where they could pick up another 6-12 inches as sandy stays just to the north. the mountains here catching all of the moisture over the next couple of days. for us, we're going to see a couple of chances for some precipitation. maybe a few showers. but once again, they're not going to be able to get by the mountains, at least not many of them. you can see exactly what i'm talking about right here. here's the blue ridge. here's there's a few showers coming in through the warnton area. most of us starting to dry out. we've got some really wet roads. so be careful there. all of these areas in green are under
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of canada. all the way down through our region and that makes things very, very cold. currently, 43 degrees with winds out of the south southwest at ten miles an hour. that puts our windchill at 37 degrees. 43 in gaithersburg. 39 in winchester. that's not the windchill. that's even lower. we'll talk about the windchill forecast coming up in the next couple days, plus, what can you speck from sandy? i'll show you when she'll fai finally move out. >>> sandy knocked out a quarter of the cell towers in an area spanning ten states. millions remain without power this afternoon. news4's richard jordan is at the live desk in our newsroom. >> the damage is widespread beyond anything that area was prepared for and it will likely take weeks, even months before the recovery is complete. 22 people in the new york area are dead and that figure is expected to grow. there are massive power outages. hundreds of thousands of utility customers are in the dark. power lines are down. these live wires sparking fires in some cases. in queens, take a look at this six-alarm fire. it destroyed many homes. hospitals
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, this man in canada we have it all complete world series details. >>pam: senator harry reid is out of the hospital after this automobile accident in of las vegas. the motorcade crashed with eight other vehicles. he walked into the hospital on his own and was retreated. he was-treated. >> this car start in florida will was leaving the driver facing charges. this is video. he was trying to jump over this moving car. his brother was behind the wheel. and another brother caught it on the tape. and he had head injuries and he is not woken up since the crash. charges are pending against the brother for driving without a license and possibly reckless driving in a warmer weather on tap with rainfall coming up. when you click the to our umbrella, coming up. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> this is an atm at the westfield mall in san francisco. dispensing cash. it gave me exactly $39 in cash. even ones.. is not an ordinary one in this eco or you can recycle your or old cellphone and other electronics but some people are calling it the bum atm
Oct 5, 2012 12:00pm EDT
falling in parts of minnesota. most of it is canada -- in canada right now. things have really begun to chill down up there. the front itself is running through central ohio at this time. mild temperatures ahead of the front. at the moment, we are enjoying the nice side of this. once we get through the weekend, we will be on the other side. it's quite a bit chillier. west southwest winds at 10 with a lot of sun today. sun said this evening at 6:42. for boaters, there is some open shop on the day. down in texas, as far as baseball is concerned, this evening in arlington they might get some rain showers. there is a chance. temperatures will be in the 50's by the end of the game. shower chances are scattered, so they will probably get the game in. by saturday morning, we begin to pick up a few clouds. a front is approaching. arrange dances come in through the afternoon and nighttime hours on sunday -- rain chances come in through the afternoon and i 10 hours on sunday but -- nighttime hours on sunday. where will get your attention is the cold temperatures. 81 today. 76 saturday. only 55
FOX Business
Oct 6, 2012 1:00am EDT
markets. canada has and a good job in this. they went directly to the voters this is the reality that we face even further to go. the cuts are much deeper than most politicians are willing to address, but they can be made if you have an adult conversation about it. it is about arithmetic, not fantasy all wishes. >> a question for the congressman. how did you imagine that we can overcome the bipartisan issues? controversial issues such as welfare reform. >> well, look. that's why i have elections. compromise. they did not elect me to a compromise with barack obama. we have a few more weeks in this campaign. and we went like that they were going to will have. [indiscernible] >> a lot of folks who run and work for a private charity, nonprofits themselves believe that the government should do more to help the poor rather than less. why do you think that is if they do such a better job than the government does to iraq. >> we are seeing a lot of groups like catholic charities becoming effectively lobby. i don't give them any money. give money to that organization in this bandit lobbying to get
Oct 29, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> here is snow falling as sandy collides with a powerful cold front coming in from canada. blizzard warnings and higher elevations could get oup three feet. >> the president cancelled campaign appearances to deal with this. here he is getting a briefing today in the situation room. we want to turn now to abc 7 spencer christian. tracking sandy into the night. >> this is a storm worth tracking all day into the night this, is our doppler radar. you can see how massive this is affecting the northeastern quadrant of the nation. an unusual thing is turning from tropical system now into what will be a snow storm for areas. wide spread rainfall, and into the center. circulation is now just west of atlantic city, new jersey. taking a look at conditions around new york. it's hard hit by storms, two new york airports overcast conditions, temperatures about 60 degrees, winds gusting. in battery park water levels now at a record level 13.65 feet. this is our forecast animation. starting at 7:00 we'll see storm moving westward across pennsylvania into western pennsylvania by tomorrow. turning no
Oct 30, 2012 4:00pm PDT
of storms in parts of rhode island, massachusetts, maine and beyond. in southeastern ka da in a -- canada. lifting northward up into eastern canada. as the storm moves into eastern canada we'll see bands of rain and snow affecting parts of the northeastern u.s.. this is a storm. >> today big rigs hit the road carrying trucks and equipment and are expected to arrive by thursday. >> storm still causing chaos fort( travelers. 100 flights cancelled again today at san francisco international airport. >> abc 7 news talked to some of the stranded passengersv:. >> this woman just needs to be back home. after 30 minutes, she still haven't have a flight. >> what happened back there? >> it's complicated. >> are the airlines cooperate something. >> yes. everybody wants to fly now. >> brian green's flight rescheduled for tomorrow. >> i have to be at a cemetery. so the circumstances definitely suck. that is my story. hopefully, they can help me out. >> we're in mendocino. and have thursday getting back to the east coast. >> at least he's in no great crush to get home. vegas. >> you're going to be a pri
Oct 27, 2012 10:00pm PDT
of british columbia and alaska tonight. after a 7.7 quake struck canada's queen charlotte items. the earthquake struck about 86 miles south of masset, canada. a tsunami warning was issued from the northern tip of vancouver island british columbia to cape decision, alaskan. residents have been have been urged to immediately move to higher ground. the epicenter was in a sparsely populated area of canada and so far no reports of injury are damage. mark tamayo joins us with latest. >> heather, some of the buoy reports are show something tsunami activity on the small side in the form of centimeters. as far as that tsunami warning, here is a look at some gages forecasted to be below 30 cent meters. all the areas shaded here, can you pick out once again the tsunami warning has been in place for an hour. so coming up we'll let you know if this does change or if we get any more reports of the tsunami activity out there in the warning area. >> we have developing news in san francisco where the embarcadero bart station is closed after someone was hit on the train tracks. jade hernandez i
Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
united states on the canada border, contributing to snow over the boundary. that colder air, while the main part will not come into the state the edge will. we will feel a cooldown by tomorrow night. you can shave a good six, seven degrees off the low of 40 and there will be big changes. a freeze watch up for most of the northern and western suburbs. much more on that big chill and beyond coming up. >> thank you. >>> so much on the line in the bronx and another night of extra innings. game four of the american league divisions, orioles going against the yankees. this trip 15 years in the making and they are working hard to move onto game five. the team coverage tonight from yankee stadium, nothing is coming easy tonight. we need more than a home run to win. >> reporter: for the orioles to bounce back from last night, we are tied at one each. > >> it's all about the unsung heros. daron trying to save the orioles at this point. nate, who heard of him before a few months ago? had the home run and that fantastic catch earlier in the game. then he doubled up the guy at first. just unb
Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
glover who monitored the election. then as protests mount over a tar sands oil pipeline from canada to texas, we're just hours from what could be the first tar sands strip mine in the united states. >> many people know about the tar sands in alberta, canada, but they do not know it is an imminent threat here. activists have been working hard for the last two years to stop the keystone xl pipeline, with some good success. there is still a lot of action surrounding that, but we have a chance right now to stop this project through mobilizing. >> we will get an update from two utah residents. then we will speak with a community radio activist from here in durango who was diagnosed with cancer. >> cancer and without insurance. a new program created by obamacare. [applause] >> what is this little known program? first, "all the missing horses: what happened to the wild horses tom davis bought from the gov't?" all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from durango, colorado. republican president
FOX Business
Oct 21, 2012 9:00am EDT
from canada which is cost us a tremendous amount of jobs. he confiscates taxpayer dollars. >> rick unger a lot of conservative critics of romney are concerned we didn't hear about solyndra. >> it's teresting because mike made compelling arguments. the problem is absolutely none of them have anything to do with the price of gasoline. ok, you can argue if you like that the president's energy policies could have an impact down the road. i would tell you you're wrong but that's an argument we can ve. the reality ishat we see pruction up. there's no disputing it. you can give president bush credit if you like. none of that impacts on the current price of gasoline. ta to men four years. if you don't like the prices, that would be the time to say if you hadn't focused on green energy, maybe. >> the fact is president obama is taking credited for the fact we're pumping more oil even though people say he doesn't deserve t on federal lands, oil production is down. >> it's down on federal lands. production is up in the private sector and- the argument has been made the mark sets prices. yes, t
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >> the storm is strengthening, which is hard to believe. we have cloud cover from canada to ohio. still down to south carolina and the center of the storm is way out here in the atlantic still yet and the pressure continues to drop. that indicates a strengthening storm and that's what we expect to see. the rain will continue to fall across the airline in a coastline but spreading north so we have rain in philadelphia. and it will be towards new york city. we're 36 hours from the main event. i want to show you -- i put the two most reliable computer models on top of each other. where you see the rings, those are rings of consistent pressure and means windy conditions. through time, it starts to split a little bit. by dinnertime tonight but the track is the same, just the timing is different. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, one of the models shows a center of landfall here in central new jersey. the next one grows and makes landfall also in central jersey. north of that will be significant because of the way the land goes, new york city, long island and north new jersey and the water doesn't have any way
Sep 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
.s. and into canada. there is going to be a system bringing in some moderate rainfall into b.c. that could turn over to mountain snow in the upper elevations. let's head east, though, because we have a bit more serious conditions here across the southeast you're going to be seeing intense thunderstorms overnight and in towards monday. that severe threat will head into alabama. and if we follow this snaking front through the atlantic and up into canada and new england, you're going to be finding strong gusts and heavy rain here today as well. so all the action out east. temperatures are going to be season l. taking a look over to the southwest, however. we have this heat sitting in southern california. okay. into europe. a large system dominating the northwest. this has been bringing some really strong storms through the british isles. now, this potent front is going to be moving through france and up towards finland today. still wet and breezy across the british isles. then we have a developing system here over the central mediterranean. italy you'll see some intense storms here today as well. elsew
Oct 29, 2012 5:30pm PDT
are blanketing eastern portions of the u.s. into eastern canada. we have lots of reports of flooding as well as strong winds. now things will get even worse because the center of sandy is expected to move into the new jersey coast within the next couple of hours. storm surge is going to be a major concern that's going to be accompanied by high tide. that means water levels will get much higher than usual. coastal flooding is highly likely. that's why hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate. it looks like it's going to move through pennsylvania, new york city and aiming for new england states or southern quebec for the next several days. as it does so, rain will spread inland. as much as 200 millimeters but near 300 are possible. inland flooding is going to be another concern. freezing air comes from the north. only eight degrees in washington. ten degrees in philadelphia. and because of that, mountain snow is connuing up to 90 centimeters into your wednesday. back to you. >> thanks very much. we'll check with sayaka mori again later on in the program. >>> u.n. and arab
Oct 30, 2012 2:30pm PDT
storms sandy wreaks havoc in the u.s. and canada. >> swiss banking giant ubs announces plans to fire more than 10,000 employees and a treatment from investment banking. >> the man due to challenge angela merkel in next year's german elections denies neglecting his duties as a lawmaker by moonlighting. >> new york is closed for business in the aftermath of super storm sandy, which left at least 30 people dead. >> damages are likely to surpass those of last year's hurricane irene. sandy has move left much flooding in its wake, paralyzing new york's mass transit system and leaving millions in the dark -- sandy has left much flooding in its wake. >> here is more from america's most populous city. >> the storm has moved on, but the water remains. many of the city's road and subway tunnels are still flooded. public transport will be out of action for days to come. the effects of sandy can be seen on the streets -- residents are relieved that the worst is now behind them. >> well, last night, we could look down this street here, and we saw the river coming toward us. it actually look like someth
Oct 30, 2012 11:00am PDT
through the next 48 hours, we will see this storm push into canada. this is what we're expecting. it will push westward across southern pennsylvania this afternoon. it should take a turn to western new york tonight and more into canada as we get into late wednesday. overall, we're talking about 8 million people without power. winds are still very strong. we're expecting those numbers to continue to go up and the damage is unprecedented at this point. we will cover this for you for the next few weeks. >> we will keep you posted. >>> moving on now to other news. san jose investigators are sorting out what sparked a fire on the home on linda flora street. the one-alarm fire happened after 6:00 this morning. a family was evacuated from the home. the good news is no one was hurt. the fire caused heavy damage. firefighters are investigating a report of an explosion at the home. >>> the man accused of abducting and killing sierra lamar is expected back in court this afternoon. it is still unclear whether he will waive his right to appear. garcia torres is accused of abducting lamar back
Oct 26, 2012 1:00pm PDT
at this university in canada, they think so. they found a unique way of carving the pumpkin. >> you need protective goggles and one of those face masks, then you know something crazy is about to happen. >> two layers of protection. >> three, two, one -- >> yes! >> they blew it up! >> in the shape, though. >> in a shape. what they. take the pumpkin, they carved out the shape and face and everything, like you normally works but you don't take out of the parts then. then, inside, since it is a science class crazied a gas and basically blew up the pudge kin. pumpkin. >> so they take a glass of water, put it inside the pumpkin and drop some calcium cash ides into the water to make sure the top is security will placed on the pumpkin so when it does explode, when the gas explodes, it's shoots out the eyes and mouth. they give it a few seconds to activate to react. what you saw them doing in the back was putting a barbecue lighter in, and then they lit it, and that created the explosion. [ laughter ] >>> it's time for our runner-up on the countdown. number two, and the story we uncovered behind the video.
Oct 27, 2012 11:35pm PDT
earthquake, 7.7, in canada has now caused a tsunami advisory in parts of northern california. we'll show you where, as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,, rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. superstorm heads closer to . >>> several governors along the east coast are declaring states of emergency as the superstorm heads closer to land. hurricane sandy is expected to merge with two wintry weather systems. and it's being dubbed frankenstorm. hurricane sandy is expected to come ashore early tuesday, somewhere around delaware. >>> roberta is keeping an eye on that, as well as a tsunami warning. >> it's just amazing, because all of this has been developing and changing minute by minute. in hawaii, there's a tsunami warning. they're not taking it lightly. you have to remember in 2011 wh
Oct 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and dropping out of the 30s in hong kong. moving into the americas, lots of snow in canada. this low pressure system is spreading rain and snow in ontario and northern quebec and rain showers in the great lakes where the system will travel towards the east and start to affect new england and the east end of canada on wednesday. back behind it there is another storm moving through alberta bringing snow and rain and the system will head towards the east and will start to affect minnesota, north dakota and manitoba. manitoba may be seeing as much as 15 centimeters of snow. down towards the south a snow lull is tracking through southern california bringing some rain showers and some sierra nevada may be seeing intensifying snow showers from late wednesday and out east dry and calm across the eastern half, eastern third of the u.s. conditions are ideal for over night cooling. that could create freezing conditions that could create frost conditions and could kill sensitive plants if left outdoors. temperatures are looking like this. cooling down to 11 degrees in chicago despite the sunshine. 12 deg
Oct 29, 2012 4:00am PDT
in canada. it plans to sell bagged, ground and whole- bean coffee in november at the burger chain in canada. it's part of a plan to compete with dunkin' donuts. there are no plans under the golden arches to sell ground coffee in the u.s. sports advertising is getting into the game - literally. players may soon wear advertisements on their jerseys under a plan being tossed around by the nba. unlike the large ads seen on wnba and european soccer jerseys, nba players would sport smaller ads on their jerseys. the nba expects the move will generate $100 million in revenue. ipos this week include luxury home furnishings, retailer restoration hardware, and energy company delek logistics partners. last week's ipo from dean foods spinoff white wave foods fell below its opening price of $17, closing at $16.75 - down from a high of just over $19. the organic dairy company raised $391 million in the offering. the bp oil spill trial will be delayed by the superbowl and mardi gras. the trial was set to begin january 14th, but soon thousands of football fans and mardi gras revelers would descend into the
Oct 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. it's going to start to drift north toward canada. for the next 24 hours it's going to raise havoc in all of these areas and all these areas many of them have big airports. so travel plans tomorrow will be impacted as they were today. maybe not quite as impactful but pretty darn close. that big storm continues to sit out there. it's going to track north up into canada as we go into tomorrow evening and then again into thursday morning. these were the highs from today. it was kind of chilly, we had dense fog like we had the morning before, they had that dense fog advisory. this morning i think we're going to see it again tomorrow morning. we had reports of really dense fog out in daily city. the mechanisms are there, here's the problem, this low pressure comes in. cloudy all day tomorrow, this thing gets close to us tomorrow evening. and showers begin tomorrow late afternoon say 4:00, 5:00 in the north bay. and they work their way south through the bay area proper 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. here's the forecast model and it has changed it's about three hours quicker than it was last night. ma
Oct 3, 2012 4:00am PDT
flying from chicago to london made two emergency landings, one in canada because of a medical emergency and other in ireland because a fan was giving off a smokey odor in the cabin. that's just the latest issue at the airline. american officials acknowledge that 8 of its boeing 757's are under inspection for loose seats. seats came loose on 3 flights in the past few days. the airline says the seat problem has nothing to do with unhappy employees. mark zuckerberg is attempting to make new inroads for facebook in russia. the facebook founder met with russia's prime minister, dmitry medvedev, to talk about expanding the social media network's presence there. russia is one of few countries where facebook isn't a major player. reportedly, russia is the largest internet market in europe. in case you are wondering, zuckerberg lost his hoodie and wore a formal suit to the meeting. kraft has officially split into two. kraft and its snack food spinoff, modelez international, filed to trade as two separate public companies on tuesday. the north american grocery business will continue to carry th
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am PDT
: canadian contraband cheese. now cheese, apparently, is a hot commodity in canada, and it costs a lot of money. so people are smuggling it over the border because of loonie power. > > the canadians are doing something right, or obviously we in america are doing something wrong. the canadian dollar has been screaming against the u.s. dollar for the past year, it's looking strong. unfortunately this is one of the outcomes. there are other actual things taking place within commodities, and in fact timber, there was an issue with timber not too long ago, with the grading of timber. but what's your opinion here on the cheese? what do you do? > > the great white north, obviously they're resource-rich, and that's going to be the area of emphasis, because you've got to look at commodities, they have not kept pace with the equities market. so that money is going to flow. you talked about metals, mining, timber, and food, and here's an interesting tidbit: 83% of the world's population are in emerging markets, and what do they want? > > cheese. > > they want better food. they want to improve the
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
avanza hacia canada. ---el centro de huracanes de ese pais, seÑalo que el metero se esta debilitando rapidamente y que tambien ha perdido todas sus caracteristic as tropicales. --alrededor de 200 mil hogares en ontario y qubec estaban sin electricidad por los efectos de los vientos huracanados asociados con sandy. --la unica victima mortal en canada hasta ahora es una mujer que murio ayer tras el impacto de un anuncio publicitario que se desprendio de un establecimient o por la fuerza del viento. topvo cesar ---mientras que en la costa noreste de estados unidos, el huracan sandy ha dejado a su paso por varios estados muerte, destruccion y cientos de comunidades y ciudades enteras incomunicadas... ---el meteoro de mas de 800 millas de diametro afecto especialmente la gran manzana que durante la noche y la madrugada se vio embestida por grandes marejadas que paralizaron toda la ciudad... cesar ---pero a decir de las autoridades de las zonas afectadas, esto es apenas el comienzo... pitch - blanca ---asi es, esta noche el saldo mortal lleg a 46 en la costa este y millones de hogares cont
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